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How to write a bio in a blog about homebuilt airplanes? I'm not going to say that building my own plane is what defines me as a person, but if I manange to get in this thing and fly it someday, I'll consider it one of the major accomplishments of my life. This is a dream I've had since looking at the Christen Eagle ads in the back of Sport Aviation as a kid. I looked at all those airplane parts so precisely displayed in front of the finished example and I said, "I am going to do that someday."

So now I'm doing it. Other than that, I grew up in the Hudson Valley, I live in Northern California now, and I work as a computer animator at Pixar Animation Studios. I've been a glider pilot for some years now, I have a soft spot for old Mercedes, british motorcycles, good cooking, and I'd like to think I'm at least a decent photographer.


automobiles, engineering, machine tools, soaring, aviation, Cessna 170, woodworking, metalworking, restoration